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Part I : A Child's Cry

A Child's Cry is the first chapter in the journey of Jarrod Harding as he searches for a way to resurrect his mentor Finn McCoul.

Jarrod is born to a line that brings only suffering to the world, the Sons of the Fallen are the descendants of the original fallen angels. Jarrod is rare amongst his kind as he is a nephilim a child born to a human and a fallen, rarer still it was his mother who was born of angelic blood, as such he has unique abilities in his case he is able to communicate the the spirits that are trapped in the mortal realm, those that are forgotten and forsaken by the gods that promised salvation and eternal paradise. Not only can he communicate with the dead but he has has the ability to give these spirits tangible forms allowing them to interact with the living so they may commit that one final act that will bring them peace.

As Jarrod aids these ghosts in their final acts he must decide to what ends and how far he will allow the spirit to go to get their peace and once it has been done is their soul worthy of the salvation promised to him or is it destined for oblivion. Starting in this chapter Jarrod must decide where is the line and can he cross it and start his journey towards becoming part of prophecy that will bring about the destruction of a criminal empire that has plagued mankind for over two thousand years.    



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