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David Coghlan


Born in Bunbury WA January 8 1977

2015-2017 Studied at SAE Qantm Perth 

Bachelor of Animation


Drawing since I could first take hold of a pencil and make a break for the nearest wall, I have always loved to draw and with comics and cartoons a part of my life from around the same time, it was inevitable that art and design would become a large part of my life.Having continually watched cartoons from an early age and read Phantom comics since I was 12, it was not until my introduction to the X-men in my mid-teens that I was inspired by the stories I read in Marvel and DC comics to develop stories and characters of my own.


These stories and characters would grow with every new influence that would come along. Eventually, my artistic style would find a happy medium of American comics and anime in the same vein as comic artists Joe Maduria, Mike Wieringo and Todd Nauck. It would take a little time, after trying my hand at comic book art, I would eventually find that I was quite apt at designing anthropomorphic characters, subject matter which has to date made up the bulk of my works.


Though my career path would take me away from artistic endeavours I still maintained a strong following of the art world, indulging in all forms of sequential art as often as I could. I began to gain an interest in the print side of the art industry and began to do numerous correspondence courses including some with The Kubert School and The Graphic Design School eventually obtaining a Certificate IV in Design.


For the past 10 years, I have been using my skills to produce quality artwork for sublimation on neoprene items and coffee cups and direct to garment printing for

t-shirts and other wearable items. I have also designed tattoos, logos and corporate identity systems. 


Now on the cusp of a career in animation with skills ranging from character concept art through to character animation in both 2D and 3D  and in software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Animate, Premier Pro and 3DS Max I introduce myself and offer these skills for your use.  

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