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New Project Underway

Hello all since the finishing of both my time at university and the capstone project for that degree "Dark Imaginings" I have been mulling over what my next project should be next. During that time I have been working on a couple different projects one being some concept art for the Christmas themed attractions at the Imaginarium VR store at ENEX100 located between the Hay St and St Georges Tce malls here in Perth. The other being an chemistry educational video for ACE Space, a production company belonging to some film students in the trimester below me, once published the video will be available for viewing on the videos page here at

With the job market other wise a little thin on the ground I need to find a project not only to keep my new skills sharp but also to produce new content for both my showreel and this site, to keep my small yet growing fan base interested. that project came down to two one is King of Ghosts which will be an animation similar in style to that used in Dark Imaginings. The other and the one that one that won out will be a completely 3D follow up to Scorch's Big Escape.

Using a character I had created some years ago, Dread Riding Hood will be the antagonist to our hero Scorch as she and the pentagram attempt to capture and take him back to hell. The primary goals of this project is to improve my skills in character design, modelling and rigging with the new character of Dread and Scorch getting a new model with better articulation in his hands and wings and both character getting facial expressions.

With this blog I aim to give weekly updates and provide a behind the scene look at my methods with links to the videos and sites I use to gain tips and tricks to stream line my process.

Here is the initial design for Dread done about 5 or six years ago.

One of the many layered model sheets that I use starting with the basic body and building on top of that with each stage of the models construction.

The most resent version of the model currently standing at save saved version 52 with approximately 70 hours of modelling time.

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